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Telematics insurance: we’re not all the same

How we talk to the young drivers in our community is very important to the ingenie approach. While we were developing the brand for Canada, we conducted a series of focus groups with young drivers and their parents.

From our research, and the conversations we have with young drivers in Ontario and back in the U.K., we think we’ve hit on the right formula. We’re using the vast quantities of data we collect to really help our customers, without it being Big Brother.

What sets ingenie apart:

  1. No curfews

    We're interested in how you drive, not when. Our competitors may claim young drivers crash more at night, but so does everyone else! It's our job to help young drivers see the benefits of driving well, not to slap a bunch of restrictions on them.

  2. Go anywhere

    With ingenie, number of kilometres is not an issue and where you go with those kilometres is your business. Although ingenie Smartboxes contain a GPS device so we can help locate our drivers' cars if stolen, our app doesn't give feedback with locations.

    You pay for your insurance based simply on how you drive, not where or how far. To us, driving is about freedom and flexibility.

  3. Quarterly discounts

    We don't make you wait a whole year to reap the benefits of good driving. Your billing is reviewed 3 times a year based on your driving score, so you can start saving sooner.

We look at trends in your driving

We think that reporting on every single mistake would quickly become white noise, so we don’t send you feedback after every journey.

Instead, we look for driving trends over a period of 10 days - an approach we developed with experts in young driver psychology - which means we're creating a picture of your overall driving style.

We encourage parents to stay involved

Parents are awesome. In our U.K. community, drivers who choose to share their feedback with their parents are 28% less likely to crash than those who don't.

So keeping the parents involved is clearly important - but it’s not just about paying for driving lesson or buying a car. Parents need to stay interested even after the test, to encourage safe driving and keep the focus on the good habits driving instructors teach.

Not all telematics policies are the same

If you’re sold on the advantages of telematics, it’s likely that you'll want to shop around before you decide on which company to choose. At ingenie, we help new drivers focus on safety without limiting their privileges.

Choosing insurance is a bit like choosing a cell phone contract. You don’t go for the cheapest one, because it would probably limit you in all kinds of annoying ways. You pick the one that’s going to do what you want it to do but not break the bank.

With more affordable insurance costs and the support to be a safer driver through telematics, just find the right policy and you’re all set.


Honor joined ingenie in 2014 and is in charge of words on the Young Driver's Guide and blog. She started learning to drive last year, at the age of 24.